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El objetivo de Agfa es proporcionarle soluciones de película prácticas y de calidad sin riesgo alguno. Nuestra misión es permanente y en todo momento procuramos mejorar las soluciones de película para ustedes, nuestros apreciados clientes.


Alliance AR, Alliance AR7m

• Excellent image quality: very good sharpness and high practical density.

• Wide exposure and development latitude.

• Very good Processing Stability & Day to day consistency.

• Very good batch-to-batch consistency.

• Daylight loading packaging.

• Convenient and easy to use.

• Ecological & Economical replenishement rates & Low chemistry consumption.

• Linear output for conventional screening.

• Approved for stochastic screening.

• Anti-static before and after processing.

• Open system: perfect processing in compatible chemistries.

Alliance IR, Alliance IRm, Alliance IR7m


• Alliance IR, IRm and IR7m are infra-red-sensitive films for recorders with infra-red laser diode.

• Spectral sensitivity: infra-red laserdiode (780 nm).

• Emulsion coated on a 0.10 mm (IR, IRm) and 0.18mm (IR7m) polyester base.

• The matte films are dedicated for exposure of photopolymer plates.