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Dolev 400 - 450

Dainippon DT-R3075/R1120/R3100

Quasar, Panther Plus

Dolev 200/250

Accuset 800/1000,Avantra 20, Spectraset 2100/2400

Quicksetter 460, Ultre 5800, Accuser 1000

Ultre 4800, Signasetter

Screem DT-R3100,Spectraset 4800,Signasetter

Dolev 4 Press

Herkules PRO/ Basic/ ELITE, signasetter,

Avantra 44

Avantra 20,25,30 Quicksetter 350,spectra 2400

Avantra 44

Avantra 44

Avantra 25,30,44

Avantra 20/25, Accuset 1000, AGFA set

Accuset 1000, Avantra 20/25, Ultre 5800

Advanced solutions

for computer-to-film production3


Agfa is the world’s leader in computer-to-film technology, with more than a decade of experience and proven success

around the world. We continue to raise imagesetting technology to new levels of accuracy, convenience, and reliability.

Agfa's worldwide proven film systems, :Alliance and :ImPower Plus, will get you quality and convenience without compromise.

Our goal? To make your computer-to-film workflow as productive as possible with high-quality imagesetters, consumables, online processors, and more.