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Integrated Quality Control for Absolute Proofing Accuracy.

Agfa’s proofing solutions work in tandem with Agfa’s workflow solutions to guarantee digital file integrity throughout the workflow. Stand-alone or in a non-Agfa workflow :ApogeeX Proofer is the perfect solution. It provides reliable and predictable proofing, system wide. It is versatile and can be set-up as a simple RIP or as an advanced proofing workflow system. More than a RIP, it delivers prepress functionality for managing your proofing workflow. :ApogeeX Proofer drives all :Sherpa and :SherpaProof systems as well as a range of 3rd party printers.


Expert Proofing for Ad Agencies, Service Bureaus, Prepress Companies and Printers

In a pre-press workflow the process only becomes more productive and cost-effective if less interventions are required. But at the same time in an automated environment you will need the right check points to be in control. :ApogeeX Proofer was designed for operations that rely on multiple-vendor, off-the-shelf applications. It renders files for proofing in any PS, PDF non-Agfa workflow environment.


The unique user interface helps you to manage and track proofing jobs. :ApogeeX Proofer will facilitate on-site or remote hard copy proofing with your :Sherpa or :SherpaProof system. For both on-site or  remote proofing jobs you have all the tools to control output queues and monitor the proofing hard copy quality compared to industry standards.


Adhering to Standards with Integrated Colour Management (:ColorTuneX) and Quality Management System (:QmsX)

Adhering to industry standards is critical in today’s production environment. It allows production partners to exchange files and be

sure that they all will achieve the same quality result. Standards also bring consistency within an organisation. Proofing will be used to communicate this quality reference throughout the workflow, even if this includes remote locations. Therefore proofs have to be made according to standard requirements. Printing conditions are simulated with strict procedures for measuring colours. Feeding this trend is the need for quality accreditation by independent graphic institutes like fogra and SWOP.