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El objetivo de Agfa es proporcionarle soluciones de película prácticas y de calidad sin riesgo alguno. Nuestra misión es permanente y en todo momento procuramos mejorar las soluciones de película para ustedes, nuestros apreciados clientes.



The concept behind NewsFilm is to bring a dedicated newspaper film with solutions for specific newspaper needs, such as processing speed, consistency, convenience and ecology.

Processing speed:

With 15 sec development time, NewsFilm is the FASTEST film on the market.

Access time: dry-to-dry in  60  sec.

Benefit : High productivity.

Consistency emulsion technology:

An optimised emulsion and coating technology gives an excellent batch to batch consistency. This means less time consuming exposure tests. Benefit: High productivity and ease of operation.

Ecology by lower replenishment rates:

Purchase of 20% less developer and fixer, but also 20% less of exhausted chemistry to dump.

Benefit: Positive contribution to environment and cost savings.

Safelight conditions:  Dark green / Recommended: EncapSulite T20/ND.75 or equivalent.

Storage: The films are preferably stored in a cool dry place temperature below 20°C (68°F) and a relative humidity between 30% and 60%.